peace of mindyour active lifeyou and your family


peace of mindyour active lifeyou and your family


peace of mindyour active lifeyou and your family


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benefits & outcomes


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“As a lifelong athlete, I know the importance of proper nutrition. Whether it be for athletic prep or just for general well-being. Having Farm Fit Meals helped me realize there is such a broader spectrum of foods to fuel the body. Not only did I feel satisfied after eating just one of her meals, but I had more energy than I ever had with normal meal plans. Megan puts love into each of the meals she makes, and it truly shows in not only how it looks but also how it tastes. 11/10 would recommend for anyone, regardless of lifestyle.”

- Kaleb Yates

“Megan’s food is beyond delicious. I didn’t know healthy food can be this good till I tried FarmFITmeals.”

- Kash Tavakoli

“Eating healthy is not easy. Like others, for years I’ve found excuses to not eat right. Whether it was too time-consuming, too expensive or that healthy foods didn’t taste as good I found a reason to eat junk. I felt sluggish, lacked energy, and was irritable. I knew I needed to start earning healthier, I just didn’t know how. Enter farmFITmeals. I first heard about Megan and farmFITmeals on Facebook. The pictures of the food were so colorful and everything looked delicious. I decided to give it a try. I was surprised to discover how reasonably priced her meals are. Everything I’ve had has been wonderful and you can really taste the pride and love she puts into her food. My energy has started to come back. After two recent back surgeries, I’ve started back in the gym. I didn’t realize how all the crap I had been consuming was exacerbating the inflammation in my body. Her meals are definitely having a positive effect on me and my family. I would encourage anyone who has been putting off their health as I had to make a change today by ordering some delicious food from Megan and farmFITmeals.”

- Sean Fierke

“Megan was not only super helpful and understanding in my process of making and adjusting my order, but she took deep care and consideration in both the preparation and delivery of my meal. The tangerine salmon and basmati rice combination was fresh, filling, and most importantly tasty and cooked to perfection!”

- David Carraway

“FarmFITMeals adds the convenience I needed to stay healthy and be able to still live a busy life without the stress of what I was putting into my body. Megan has put so much time and effort into building menus that allow our bodies to take in the things it needs to keep up throughout life. Her food is both appetizing and delicious, I would recommend her even on her worst cooking days (if that even exists!).”

- Lou Allain

“FarmFitMeals, has been a great source of fast/healthy meals for me and my kids. The meat options are delicious as well as the vegetable side items. Properly portioned breakfast and dinners for someone always on the go and trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle.”

- Victor S., Brock Resident & Physician Assistant.

Just want to share my story. I’m 55 and was diagonal with stage 4 Congested Heart Failure about five or so years ago. While supervising felony prisoners waiting to see a judge in Parker Co courtroom, I had a massive heart attack and stopped breathing for about 12 minutes. While my heart and lungs stopped, the inmates broke out of the secure holding cell in an attempt to save me. The commotion caused other officers upstairs and EMS to respond. After being shocked twice, I was transported with a heartbeat. Due to all this and deteriorating heart, I was listed as stage three kidney failure also. I was implanted in February 2018 with a device that circulated my blood due to my heart only functioning at 3%, called a LVAD. I immediately started the regimen to receive a heart/kidney transplant. A month ago I started this FarmFITmeals program with Megan. I immediately noticed feeling better and losing weight. This past Sunday, I was gifted with a heart and kidney. I was expected to be hospitalized for four-six weeks. However, due to my rapid healing the doctors are planning on releasing me on Tuesday, 9/28/21. Two full weeks sooner than normal. This is no doubt a miracle facilitated by the Lord God with the help of Megan May. Her meal plans have been a pure Blessing and life saver for me. Not to mention they taste phenomenal and fill me up. Thanks my friend! The only regret I have is not getting on board sooner.

- Gary Grimm

“We have ordered meals from Megan and they are delicious! Her healthy lifestyle is reflected in
her meals! Her meats are grilled and smoked to perfection. She has a unique way of pairing
and preparing her side dishes using a variety of seasonings. Everything is carefully and
thoughtfully distributed into glass containers that can easily be heated in your microwave. Let
Megan be your personal chef…you will love doing business with her and her sidekick, Brock!”

- Perry & Yvonne

“Megan is passionate about health and truly wants to help others – I love that about her! With
my husband and I both now working from home lunch is a time-consuming challenge. It is so
nice to open the fridge and know that we have a fresh, delicious, and healthy meal already
prepared. I love that we can choose a protein with a side and mix things up however we want.
Highly recommend!”

- Suzi Prokell

“Meal prep in my house does not get done easily. Before moving to Brock, I had my meals
prepped and thought I would lose that luxury when I moved here. I was referred to Megan and
it’s been amazing. She was easy to get a hold of, very informative and helped me get set up
with containers and a storage bag. I was able to get meals with her by her next meal pick up
date. I look forward to the meals and her creative ideas. The menu is always changing and
never boring. The food tastes great! She has so many options from proteins/sides/bulk and is
just a call or text away if I have questions. She has been such a great find for me!”

- Allison Beavan

“I’ve been a FarmFit Meals customer for a while now. Her food is incredible. Very consistent,
cooked perfectly, and always flavorful. Someone who is more of a sides over entree girl, I am
always satisfied with her entire meal. Whether it is macros, balance, weight loss, or just
convenience, FarmFit meals make obtaining your goal incredibly easy and delicious! I cannot
say enough good things about it!”

- Ashley Davis

“Megan cooks with the quality of ingredients that I choose when I cook. I have a pescatarian
(fish) and a pesca-vegan in my family and all of Megan’s options make it easy for us to order
our healthy meals perfectly to our individual preferences. Her vegetables are AMAZING and I
am never bored with “the same old thing” after ordering for over a year. This has been a lifesaver for helping us have healthy meals to supplement our own cooking.”

- Lea Young

“Hello everyone! I wanted to take a minute to thank Megan May for her meals. When I started this journey I thought that if I just start to move surely I’ll lose all the weight that I want. At nearly 40 that just wasn’t the case. I initially lost 15-20 pounds but quickly stalled. I was introduced to Megan in June and she was very kind and eager to help! I felt that she took a personal interest in helping me to attain my nutritional goals I currently get 10 meals a week and HIGHLY recommend Meals by Megan May to anyone looking to improve their health and overall well-being. This is the PLACE! Thank you so much, Megan!!!!”

- Caleb Collier
“If you’re thinking about trying Megans Meals, DO IT! Megan makes the process so easy and personal and more importantly the food is absolutely DELICIOUS!! Even my 2-year-old loves every bite. The food always exceeds my expectations and not having to plan, shop and cook for the week is a HUGE plus. Easy, healthy, and yummy, what more can you ask for in a meal service?! 5 stars all around!”
- Sarah Flores

“The food is amazing!! I’ve tried multiple meal services in the past and she is hands down the best! I feel like most meal prep companies all start to taste the same but each item Megan offers has its own unique flavor. Not only that, but the flavors are amazing and each bite is so delicious. You can tell the care that she puts into each and every meal. There is also quite a bit of food in each meal and sometimes, one meal turns into TWO! I highly recommend Meals By Megan May!”

- Tori Verville

“Absolutely the best meal prep service out there. I have used services in the past and none of the offer the amount of options or are as easy to interact with. I HIGHLY recommend that you try out Meals By Megan. Absolutely nutritious and even more DELICIOUS!”

- JR Owen

“Megans Meals are awesome! This has helped so much in my eating habits. With a busy schedule, I don’t have time to prepare meals. Everything tastes great and I’m always getting to try something new. I would absolutely recommend this to everyone!”

- Brittni Mey
“When I have to travel the country for nursing school and clinical, this girl keeps me fed! I am literally on the go all of the time and her meals are perfect for me. By using Megan’s service I have so much more time to study and sleep! Plus, I don’t have to worry about cooking when I get home or after a long shift! Highly recommend Megan’s Meals :)”
- Jennifer Schlitz

“I just wanted to let you know that I am down 25 pounds since the start of the year. Having your meals has taught me to see and CRAVE healthier options. It’s been awesome!”

- Meals by Megan May Customer

“I used to skip breakfast, and lunch was always my worst meal. It’s never at a consistent time and when I’m tired it’s too easy to fall into the trap of grabbing something quick—but, “healthy” fast food is still not great. It’s nice to have Megan’s healthy meals waiting on me in the fridge each day.”

- Kara Mobly